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Monday, January 14, 2008

another Monday

Here we go again. It seems to be the same snow the Packers experienced on Saturday!

This last photo certainly doesn't represent the true color! That's what I get for playing around on Infraview. Oops. The first picture is the closest to the true color. This is the completed Clapotis (pronounced clap-o-tee), and sounds like a gynecological problem when pronounced in "American". Much better in French. I used handspun, a blend of Finn and mohair. My shawl/scarf measures 6'3" in length, well over the patterns measurements. It was fun to knit, except for the middle section when I found myself becoming bored. I put it down for a week and that helped. I love the way the shawl stays on and seems to hug my shoulders. My neck isn't long enough to use it as a scarf. I would consider knitting it again...

During the one week hiatus from the Clapotis I knit a purse and felted it. I'm underwhelmed for several reasons. It is a mosaic knit which I've done before. Silly Marie. I knit it fair isle. Duh! I also over felt the piece because I was so angry at myself. I threw it into the washer and let it go. The strap is too long but fix-able. The bottom was to be flat but the blue felt differently than the off white. I thought the blue and white were both Icelandic wool. Apparently not. So I cut the bottom in the center and adjusted a bit. I probably should have cut the entire bottom off since there is still a bit of a flair. I'm mulling that over. Then again, I could re-knit it properly!


Blogger Sharon said...

Whoa Marie. That's a very cool bag. Stop - don't fix a thing. It's "there" already. I have never done fair isle for a felted bag - too lazy. That bag is great as it is - don't cut or fix anything, she says in her humble opinion voice.

10:51 PM  

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