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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wee Bear

I forgot to mention that the bear pattern is from '94 SpinOff..........I thought I had made this one before, but the previous bear was 12" tall. I must find that pattern!

I used EZ's percentage method to knit Wee's sweater. The panties and hat was from my own noodle. Not brain surgery, but got the deed done.

And Kim, what is a blog without a little bit of porno?

Another project just completed:

This is what I did at the end of the warp for the 2 rugs.
I'm very unhappy with the braided handle. It doesn't have enough body. I'll cut it off today or tomorrow and try something else. There is no fabric store close so I don't have any of the obvious remedies on hand. My interfacing is too thin and I have no welting nor any rope the right size. So, here is my plan. Sew two pcs of fabric together and stabilize it with wide black elastic..........because that is what is on hand. The elastic is for body and not "boing". I'll get back to you about this plan ("A"??). Mother of Invention signing off.


Blogger Sharon said...

How about felting a i-cord? It works fine on my bags.

9:08 PM  

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