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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cranbrook question

Any ideas what these two slots are for? They located above the warp beam on each side. The photos of the Cranbrook don't show anything mounted in the slots. Actually, I can't even see slot in the photo in the ancient pile of assembly directions. I'm curious. Perhaps to hang a pole and dry laundry?


Blogger Leigh said...

Curious. My Glimakra doesn't have those. I'd be tempted to try and use them for a warping trapeze, but they look kind of shallow. Someone with a Cranbrook ought to know!

4:50 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

Ah ha! at last a question that I know the answer to! I have a Cranbrook and it has a rack that holds spools of yarn for sectional warping (gasp). All mine gets used for is holding stuff..scarves, towels, bags of things, hanks of yarn...A bad habit because it closes the loom in..and looks either junky or beautiful depending on what is hung there!
I will follow your adventures with the loom, I havent used mine very much and am thinking of getting rid of it. Maybe you will inspire me to just warp the thing and weave!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

Holly, I assume that the rack is a wood dowel. What is its diameter? I assume after all the spools are threaded onto the dowel the threads are fed into the tension box. I wouldn't think the dowel would hold that many spools. Have you tried it? I don't have the tension box beam that goes to the back of the sectional beam. I've had to attach the tension box to my bench and wind on that way. Not a hardship, but having the beam would have been nice. I wonder if it just never made it from one owner to another.
Why are you considering getting rid of your cranbrook? Have other, smaller looms?

7:26 AM  

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