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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dirt To Dinner and Weaving News

I put up 35 pints of blueberry has been a busy summer.

Today I picked beans, and more beans, and then more. I declared Dirt To Dinner Night.

Venison steaks from the back 40 this past Fall. The end of this meaty goodness!

Dug up a few potatoes. What is a meal without potatoes? Hmmm, Italian?

Yellow squash and lettuce.

The cucumber pairs with the lettuce and the zucchini will be sauteed with the yellow squash.

I'm cutting up weft to try out rug making on the new loom which will be coming home Monday. This coming week is really busy so I don't know if I'll have the chance to set her up.
This is a rug on the Union. Interesting looking.
And a denim rug with another one under it....somewhere.
Mug Rugs, just because.

And that is what I've done this summer................since my last post.


Blogger Sharon said...

Your garden is a thing of envy. I hope tomatoes turn this week, squash are too young to pick and potatoes are still in the ground, onions - don't know if they're done either. It's August and the first frost is weeks away, yet every year we torture ourselves with the illusion that we can grown produce in the high desert short growing season. Jealous? You bet I am.

9:40 PM  

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