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Friday, September 15, 2006

My Loopy Life

Disperse dye leaves permanent stains on the white enamel of the roaster. Unlike the other dyes I use, this type of dye does not sponge off at all. I'll never have a problem finding the designated dye vat.

Loopers are not fun to weave with. I've tried both methods of chaining the loopers. One method makes a nice smooth, albeit thick chain that leaves no joining bumps, however it would not pack in. The other method leaves large joining bumps which at least packs in but leaves big fat bumps. I'm going to have a big fat bumpy rug. Once I install the 10# cast iron handle on the beater I may try the looper rug again using the first method. I really don't ever want to make another looper rug but I do have 40#s to use up. Anyone who lives near Next To Nowhere, PA can have 'em for next to nothing!

In rummaging through the loopers I've found that there are some thin loopers which I will try to weave with next. The thinner one is pictured to the right, the thicker on the left and both are joined in the same manner. This is the lump free method.


Anonymous Judy said...

Spray on Clorox will get those dye stains off, Printheth :>)

8:39 AM  

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