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Monday, April 23, 2007

Feta Finality

....maybe. DSL has been out all day and into tonight, which is almost tomorrow! The phone was out until early afternoon.

I'm on (gasp) dial-up now, so Lordy! I have no idea how this will upload, or IF it will. I'm an old hand at dial-up and it's many idiosyncrasies. I believe I've been without DSL longer that the days I've been subscribed to this wondrous network, Verizon. I just love living in the country and being a part of the 5 subscribers that make up the Verizon DSL Family.
But let's talk cheese!

The recipe calls for 12.5% solution. Much too salty. Try adding a tablespoon at a time to the water, stirring to dissolve, until you reach a solutiona bit saltier than your taste buds can take.

...maybe. DSL has been out all day, continuing into the night.
** the brine solution (12.5%) is very salty. I use half the amount usually, however I used the entire amount of salt this time to see how the cheese tastes.
I've tried many feta recipes and I like this one the most. Very similar to the taste and texture of feta found in Greek markets. The other recipes are closer to what is found in American grocery stores. Very crumbly cheese, and I like that. However to achieve that texture, a mine full of salt is called for and renders the cheese almost inedible. And I like salt!
The pictures all uploaded but they look blurry, and no Bev, it's not from the bourbon! Damn DSL making me use dial-up! I'm not even going to try to put the text where it belongs. Be gentle on me.............I hurt very easily.


Blogger Sharon said...

From the last picture I can see that you clearly have problems with lactose - lucky you.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Bev said...

So, this recipe with the 12.5% saline solution is closer to what you find in the Greek stores? Or is this the one with the "full" salt, so that it gets crumbly? I'd like to try the Greek store taste.


9:31 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

What a great tutorial! Makes me wish I still had goats. (Cow milk and me don't get along so well.)

8:10 PM  

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