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Thursday, April 19, 2007


The lowly half apron, gathered on the sewing machine. This apron must have a higher polyester content than the other aprons as the dye wash out is quite evident.
It was repainted, but I used too much dye so it became muddy. So I poured bleach here and there. I should have plunged it into the neutralizing solution more quickly. Another blah piece.

Freshly redyed. This photo shows the dye freshly applied and prior to batching. Oh, if only it would have kept the intense colors, but alas.
The final piece washed and dryed but not ironed. I had hoped the stitching would have been more pronounced. Because the fabric is so thick, I should have only folded it once and stitched. When I look at "real" shibori, the fabric is finer with wonderful drape. This is almost as heavy and stiff as a light weight canvas. I have no idea how these colors came from what was poured on, but at least it's no longer "mud".
Since I was in the dye kitchen, with a mess already made, it was time I redyed my Island Girls mobile. A friend had brought this back for me from ???some remote island. They were dyed in vibrant colors which, with the passage of time, have been bleached from the sun. I find that interesting since my loom room is at the north east end of the house and I don't get any sun in here.
Ahh, a total make-over. They are quite happy now and are dancing/swinging in the breeze. They hang right over the loom
I have dyed, batched, washed and rinsed another group of bouts for another project. Those photos and comments will come next. Then I have other fun pictures I want to post, just because I can!


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