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Saturday, April 14, 2007

free association or thoughts on dyes*

4 layers of heavy fabric, stitched and gathered....must use too much dye to go through all layers, even when flipped. Over compensation? Next time, yeah right, fold over only once if using heavy (impenetrable) fabric.

Good colors turn to mud if blotting (heavily) a saturated piece of fabric.

Will let piece batch a few hours, rinse out and then discharge. It's only a lowly HALF apron, no matter what Sylvia says. I wear aprons, but WHOLE aprons, not the "lowly" HALF apron.

Back to discharging (ahem): I have the paste but won't use it for 37.2 reasons. I will use (gasp) bleach because this is a lowly HALF apron. Must find out how much vinegar to use to neutralize. It's in one of my notes somewhere organized (not) in my dye information box.

I'm searching for the perfect copper color. I've been playing with dye combinations and I'm afraid I'm going to have to use the (final "ahem") Trichromatic color mixing system based on ten parts.**

I'm working on a dye recipe book and have just completed the two color combinations. Well, perhaps not all possible combinations, but I have hundreds and that is enough for today.

I've used up my allotment of parenthesis. I will not use any for the next week.

*Mr Moore, aka Mother Moore, my English teacher during my sophomore year is rolling over in his grave. I should say, thoughts "about" dyes. You cannot put a thought "on" something.

**from Synthetic Dyes/Natural Fibers by Linda Knutson, page 132 Now go and put a cool cloth on your head while you have a lie down.


Blogger Sharon said...

The parenthesis fairy has given you a new allotment~

8:03 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

Ah, this post brightened my day, thanks! I too am a wearer of full aprons only. A half apron only covers me from half my mess (usually splatters) so it's only half useful.

5:43 AM  

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