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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For Sharon

So you want details. Well, I used discharge paste that I got from ProChem. I poured, or glopped about an inch into a small bowl and added a little less than half the paste amount of water. I used a sponge brush and "sponged" all of the protruding root-like appendages. I then hung it on the clothes line to dry, as per the bottle instructions. Today I cut off all the strings and found it was still slightly damp. I threw it into the dryer, didn't blow up, and heated up the steam iron. The iron is set at the lowest steam setting. This is where the discharge becomes apparent.
For the Retro-Hawaiian-esque shirt, it was tied in the same way but color was added, shirt batched, washed and dried.
Just play!


Blogger Sharon said...

I love the result! I guess I need to place an order with Pro-Chem. I've never heard of discharge paste. It sounds vaguely scary.

9:57 PM  

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