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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Fiber

Star Towels from Interweave Press/Handwoven download: I'm weaving the second of three towels on this particular warp. I'm using a skeleton tie up because I don't have enough treadles. It slows me down and I'm bored with this. They are lovely, but for some reason I feel very uninspired. I suppose these are just too conservative for me.
I'm working on rug number five. It will be interesting to see them all off the Union, finally. Two are t-shirt rugs, my first. I doubt I'll like them. However, I had many t-shirts and cotton turtle necks cut up and decided to finally try them out. I'm laying single strips into the shed and not joining them because I don't like bumps in rugs. I've seen pictures of sock loopers with "bumps" and thought they looked fine, but I'm a barefoot babe and those bumps hurt.
The first of the three bags of wool is spun up and all that damned greased washed out. Post washing, the skeins weigh 1398 grams (3#s) and a total of 941 plied yards.

I'm into the second bag and have two bobbins spun up. This roving isn't as greasy, though there is still more than I'd like. I don't need to heat up the roving prior to spinning so that is a time saver.
Lambing season is over. It went quickly this year, I think in under 10 days. We have two house elves, uh, bottle lambs residing in the back room of Chez Princess. I hate that! I fall in love with resident lambs and don't want to give them up. Ever. We're attempting to phase out the sheep over time. We lost our oldest ewe this winter. She was our last Romney-Coop, my favorite cross, though her fleece was not my favorite. We were able to save one of her lambs, a black ewe.
The buck was (finally) returned to us so I expect kids in mid-summer. Not the best of plans, but it is what it is. Profound.


Blogger Valerie said...

That pile of yarn looks good enough to jump into!! Wonderful, lofty spinning. I couldn't find the star towel pattern on interweave's site. Is it one of the e-books?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

Sorry! I should have linked this. Here you go:

10:25 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Wow, it's a good thing you're retired or there wouldn't be enough hours in the day. I told Ian I'd like to see the sheep go so we can go - anywhere. But he's too attached he says.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Charleen said...

Do you have anything in mind for the yarn? It looks lovely.

Yeah, the towels are conservative but I like the way the stars show up in the intersection of the stripes.

4:41 PM  

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