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Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday birds

I'm at the end of the warp on the Union and decided to experiment. I cut out 5 warp ends between sections of 20 ends (sett 12). Jury is still out. If I finish it, I'll declare it a table runner. I woven a 2" hem. Oops! There is no way this can be sewn because of the cut warp. I'd have to tie the fringe and there is only about 2" to work with unless I go into the hem of the previous disaster. We'll see. It's an experiment, right?
Donkey Barn in the snow storm
Boy Bird ignoring the snow storm The North East Chapter of the Polar Bear Club. Silly Ducks, swimming in the spring!
Pond, spring and ducks. Note the duck to the left watching the silly ones swim.


Blogger Sharon said...

East coast winter is so different from high desert winter. Your snow comes and stays. Ours comes and melts, but it's yucky to drive in just the same.

9:54 PM  

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