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Thursday, April 26, 2007

For Sharon

Sharon wrote and asked what it is I'm weaving and the particulars. Well, it's a shawl and perhaps the end of the warp will be a small table covering or a dish towel. Isn't cotton wonderful? You can dry your dishes while wearing a matching shawl. How cool is that?

I'm using 6/2 cotton set at 20epi. The weft is 8/2 cotton. One of these days I'm going to buy some shiny mercerized cotton. Then, when I'm really brave, buy some silk. I love the sheen of both. The unmercerized cotton is flat and probably is why I seem to go for contrast in color. I get the off white, unmercerized cotton from Webs for a song, which is probably why I've stuck with that. Perhaps I ought to mention that I had purchased about 25# of it, I think. I've used about half, not quite, but close to it.

I threaded the selveges differently this time. The last four threads at each end was threaded 1-1, 2-2, instead of doubling the threads in the heddles. I think I like this better.

I wove the shawl today and have 12" woven of the next piece. Next will be the blue/green warp that I recently dyed. I cannot wait to see what that will look like!

I hope I answered all your questions, Sharon.


Blogger Sharon said...

You did answer my questions and I thank you for the details. I think I need a stash of cotton so I can play around. So far my weaving has been from my handspun but that hasn't made me a better weaver. Weaving isn't like handspinning - we can pick up our wheels and go to a guild event. We can't do that with our looms. For me it has been a quite solitary.

9:39 PM  

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