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Friday, November 02, 2007

2 more completed projects

This years new hat for me! The pattern is by Claudia from Countrywool.
A fun hat to knit.

This is the blue-black ikat blanket all woven and waiting to be sewn together. I like sewing the panels together when it's wool. The seam disappears once washed.
A fast weave: 3 days
4/8 wool from Webs
10 epi
plain weave
3 panels 80" long

I'm really pleased with the blue-black dye.

The three panels are laid out on the table ready to be sewn. After looking at this for a few minutes I think next time I'll create ikat sections that are no wider than 1.5". Wide sections work fine (usually) with painted warps, but I believe the ikat has lost its "punch" in the wider areas.

The weft dyed unevenly and looks fine, actually good, in the dark areas. However, and isn't there always a "but", where it runs through the white areas, it almost looks like weaving errors. It isn't as obvious from afar, but upon close inspection it looks like this:

I measure each panel with register tape as I weave and I've always gotten consistent results. Not this time. Two panels match and one is one inch longer. I guess it's from inconsistent tension on the warp. This can be easily fixed, hidden, but noteworthy.

I'm waiting for new heddles for the Union, which is warped, so I can weave off that warp and throw on another for two commissioned rugs and two rugs as gifts. Or so the plan.

I'm knitting another hat, in pink, a Giftmas gift. Too cute. I must get busy sewing so I can wind another warp for another blanket! Busy time of year.


Blogger Leigh said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!

7:58 PM  

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