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Friday, November 02, 2007

seaming panels

Insert needle into the weft at the edge of the panel. Pull the yarn through and insert the needle into weft "loop" on the second panel. Pull the yarn through.

You're not going blind. The camera doesn't do close up very well.
Here you can see where I joined three weft turns on each side.
Snug up the stitches gently. You don't want to pull the stitches too tightly.
Two panels are the same length and the middle panel is considerably longer. Stay tuned for possible solutions.


Blogger Sharon said...

I had never thought of using mattress stitch for woven panels. This opens up a whole 'nuther realm of possibilities for which, I the not-retired, don't have time for. Many of us at work are of *an* age and three in the last couple of weeks have announced their impending retirements - makes it rough on one, it does.

6:53 PM  

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