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Friday, March 28, 2008

12 coils of cotton strips, averaging 21 yds each. The strips are 2" wide, folded and pressed.

I've since taken the denim weft off, fixed the two threading errors, made another one, fixed that and will use this warp for the above weft. It's been so long since I warped the Union I can't recall how many yards I wound on. Probably 10 yards since that seems to be my usual practice.

I sold this ("Transitions") table runner and got a commission for a hallway rug as well. That isn't a stain, but I have no idea what that spot is other than a shadow of something! I got a call two days ago about weaving a saddle blanket. I've been doing some research but find that most information is about navajo looms. I'll muddle through.

We have two beavers that have taken up house in the small pond. They're a riot to watch but we fear at some point they'll have to be relocated due to their nasty habit of rerouting water or just stopping it at one port'o call or another. I tried taking photos, but at best, you'd just see two brown blobs (heads) in the water. I haven't seen them on land like Mr. Princess has. I watched them synchronize swim today while ironing the weft. That could account for the length of time I had to iron.


Blogger Sharon said...

What did you use for warp and how is it sett? Is this a rug? I wonder if I would do that on my Gilmore. I've told many times that you can't weave rugs on a Gilmore because you can't pack it like you need to. That doesn't look packed. I sure would like to weave a rug.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

What a game! Louisville's David Padgett is a local boy, if you can call 6'11" a boy. I wonder if UNC and UCLA will duke it out in the end. We shall see~

8:39 PM  
Blogger beadlizard said...

We ended up getting a trapper from the county to solve our beaver problem, but we let the tykes clear some woods for us, first. They are very efficient! And smelly...

10:37 AM  

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