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Saturday, November 10, 2007

chugging along pre-Christmas

I woke up to this! We won't get any significant accumulation, but it marks winter's arrival.

I'm weaving another blanket, double weave this time. I'm always nervous when working with these colors. I don't want the resulting fabric to look like a sofa from the 1970's. We'll see. Specs: 28" wide in the reed
Set at 9 epi (18, because it's doubled). This is intended for one of the boys......unless it looks like a herculon couch.

Placemats for a(nother) gift

A Pink gift. Pattern from Claudia's September newsletter.

Hey! It's dark and dreary and this is the best I could do. Pattern from Yarn Harlot.
I had to add another 1/2 repeat. I used Lopi, and don't think this yarn was quite bulky enough. Must check the stash as I think I have some really chunky wool fermenting on a shelf. This is a quick a few hours. If you're a really fast knitter, probably knit in an hour. It's knit on US 10.5. Both hats are free patterns.


Anonymous Anna said...

Love your placement, I am new to weaving and was wondering if you could post or email me the "specifics" - epi and width in reed and what yarns you used? If you would/could? Please? I have been wanting to do some for christmas gifts!

1:40 PM  

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