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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Note to Anna

Anna, here is the information you wanted for the placemats. The warp is 8/4 cotton rug warp from Leesburg Loom. The sett is 12 and is 16" wide in the reed. I weave a hem using the 8/4 cotton for 1.5" at each end. I "paint" the hem edge with a water soluble glue (1:1 water to glue) to hold the weft between the loom and the sewing machine. The fabric is cut 1" wide. Weave the fabric strips for 18. I use a contrasting yarn between the placemats by throwing 2 shots. After the mats are woven I zig zag the edge of each hem, then cut them apart. Fold the hem in half and sew the fold. Fold in half again and stitch near the edge of the fold where it meets the fabric. I also stitch the little sides of the hem for a neater appearance. Good luck and let me know your placemats turn out!!!


Anonymous anna said...

Marie - Thank you so much! I have 8/4 cotton warp which came with the loom when I bought it and some fabric I think will work! I am going to get started and I"ll let you know how it turns out!
Thanks again !!!

3:46 PM  

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