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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I make really great gravy

I make really great gravy. I really do! I threw a huge beef round into the crock pot with mushrooms, onions and carrots and some beef stock. I had some mushroom gravy in the freezer that I'd made some time ago so I defrosted that and put that in the pot along with wine and assorted herbs and seasonings. All was well with the world and I could get on with my day, such as it was. It was hot and humid. We had a lot of farm work to get done prior to the arrival of 100 chicks and two piglets. Worked and sweat, worked and sweat. I was a vision. Anyway, back to my point. I make really great gravy. I came into the house around 5 to peel the potatoes and get to the business of thickening the gravy. I took all the solids from the broth and hunted down the corn starch. Several weeks ago I noticed I was low on corn starch and told Himself to pick up another container when he was at Sam's Club. He did. I mixed the remaining corn starch in the old container with water, shook it a bit and poured it into the crock pot and did a quick stir. I put the vegetables back into the gravy and got on with the potatoes. I looked at the gravy. Hmmm, should add a bit more corn starch. I pulled out the new container, measured another tablespoon into the old container and added water, shook it and added it to the crock pot. It foamed UP and OVER the top of the pot! Himself had bought baking powder! It's in exactly the same large, clear plastic container! All pretty and white. I rinsed all of the the vegetables to within an inch of my sanity and made new gravy with flour. Did I mention I make really great gravy?

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