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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Farming and Weaving, a very brief overview!

Luckily, this is not a "scratch and sniff" photo. The girls are growing well for this winter's eating, but they sure do stink! All CornishX do. Chicken *hit doesn't smell good, but eating breed chickens really have an awful odor. Other details "of the why" I will keep to myself!

Bee Balm and Cone Flowers I keep meaning to plant

Mindless wood carvings of the summer.

Rayon scarf

and another rayon scarf! Clever.

I'll be away for a bit. Family issues and I'm flying out to Arizona this Monday. Not the best time of year to visit the State, but if you're in the Phoenix/Peoria area, send me COLD air. I'm going to swelter.
We sent 7 critters off to auction this week. Mr Buck has been retired (sent to auction) and Joey will be the new goat stud. I must get a picture of the studly dude. Whadda guy. Several lambs and kids and one dairy goat (crazy girl) headed out as well. I'm afraid some of the spent hens are due to go soon as well. I've found raising chickens much easier overall. However, the hens did a job on the asparagus and raspberries this summer and Mr Princess is not a Happy Farmer. I keep yelling, "FENCING, YOU MORON"! No, don't like the word either, but how many times must this be reiterated, I ask you? Late Blight has hit the North East and I'm afraid all my the tomato plants must be ripped out. No idea if the potatoes will make it. Note: I had to plant a second crop because the first rotted due to all the rain we've had and continue to have. This is the same blight of the infamous Irish Potato Famine. That's what brought my family over here. I do wonder what it would have been like to have been brought up in Ireland. Brief thought though only, since I probably wouldn't have existed! A fond fondue until I'm back in the Land of Much Rain.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Painted rug warp

painted rug warp and dyed cotton sheeting for weft

sett 12

strips cut at 2"

hem strips cut at 1"

what colors does Marie like?

More scarf warps

No orange

orange scarf #1

Need to trim the fringe

orange scarf #2

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