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Friday, June 27, 2008


Remember the red star towels that drove me crazy because of the skeleton tie-up? Here is the navy and white using a different threading and tie-up. I only completed two of the five due to the loom sale.

And here are the other three.

The first prototype saddle blanket is off the loom.
On the loom it measured 36x43
Off the loom it measured 31.5x43
After wet finishing: 28.5x38

I attempted some kind of braid-y hemmy finish and didn't like it at all. Too fiddly and the pre-washed wool was unpleasant. I threaded the doubled ends back into the piece.

Another view.

I have a second one on the loom which will be twice the length. It will still end up too narrow but I'm using these as learning tools. I'll have to wait to get the new loom to weave a saddle blanket that will actually end up being 32" wide. The finished blanket should be either 32"x36" or 32x72". Poor me. I can't weave any wider than 36" on this loom. The now gone loom could not have held up under the tension.

It's officially summer

It's officially summer because I have poison ivy on my face, on one eye lid (now swollen), in my ears, between my fingers, on my hands and one leg. I look and feel like this.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Loom, no loom, soon a loom

From this
To this

Coming soon!

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