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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

tie dye to die for

Color burst

Play in blue

Sun flower and lips

lichen and moss

Two more to go. Okay, two more to redo since something went awry. Don't stamp before you dye is one lesson. Second lesson is don't paint dye on dry was an experiment, really.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I thought this would make a pretty photo. I took four shots and was ready to open the window to break the ice off when it fell....through the glass cantilevered green house roof! Oh my. Well, that was a week ago. Today I sat on the back porch in blessed warmth. Need two new glass panels.
I have woven off four ruanas and have another four waiting to be put on the loom. I took the day off and painted some warps and tossed a %$@-load of ikat bouts into a dye bucket. I'm so careful with the wrapped ikat bundles but the resist tape always catches onto threads from either it's own bundle or a neighboring one. No idea how to overcome this. I suppose I could just quit my never ending quest in ikat experimentation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tales of Woe and Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

We're back on dial-up. Less than a year ago we bit the bullet and paid an incredible amount of money to get satellite since cable and dsl wasn't available. At best, we found satellite to be of little use because it was unpredictable and we got very little tech support. Yup, at its best! Imagine what I really want to say. Bottom line folks,there are too many subscribes assigned to a single satellite. I do know only one person who has no problems with this company and she is not in this state. Two weeks ago we learned dsl was finally available and signed up for it (having to pay a very hefty satellite penalty). We had (past tense) the service for less than 5 days and poof! no dsl. It's now been 8 days without dsl and we're back on dial-up. No idea when the dsl will be back. There is an explanation which I don't understand. But it has to do with a "box" that only "one" person knows how to install at some undisclosed location. I won't go into having the first modem shipped to an address 8 miles away to a town I've never lived in only to be told that they can't change the address because it's my primary address. Huh? Three modems later the billing is still wrong because I apparently I don't know where I live, but where ever it is, it is my primary residence.

Here are two of the 3.5 "What If" towels. These are samples that I can look at to pull designs from. Set at 20 epi, it's easy to count how many threads were tied. One resist is on top of the next, but artistic placement wasn't the aim, but one of little samples. The blue is bluer, darker, very indigo-ish.
I kind of like this one as is. Lets call it Thunderstorm
When you have no internet service you pull out old shirts and polyester-cotton aprons and dyes.

Very ethnic, no? Very blurry, but then I'm on dial-up, I'm short and I've had my first cocktail.
Love this............a tartan on acid...
The "in word" is "organic"
Silk scarf waiting for me to pull out the metallic paint and go a little wild.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

wool blanket done

All four panels are sewn together, fringe twisted, washed and now drying! Tonight I'll clip off the ends and give it a hard press. I think I need to de-clutter the back porch.
Tomorrow the ikat sample towels will be off the loom and I'll take pictures then. Pleasing results I think.

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