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Friday, March 28, 2008

12 coils of cotton strips, averaging 21 yds each. The strips are 2" wide, folded and pressed.

I've since taken the denim weft off, fixed the two threading errors, made another one, fixed that and will use this warp for the above weft. It's been so long since I warped the Union I can't recall how many yards I wound on. Probably 10 yards since that seems to be my usual practice.

I sold this ("Transitions") table runner and got a commission for a hallway rug as well. That isn't a stain, but I have no idea what that spot is other than a shadow of something! I got a call two days ago about weaving a saddle blanket. I've been doing some research but find that most information is about navajo looms. I'll muddle through.

We have two beavers that have taken up house in the small pond. They're a riot to watch but we fear at some point they'll have to be relocated due to their nasty habit of rerouting water or just stopping it at one port'o call or another. I tried taking photos, but at best, you'd just see two brown blobs (heads) in the water. I haven't seen them on land like Mr. Princess has. I watched them synchronize swim today while ironing the weft. That could account for the length of time I had to iron.

Red Star Towels

I managed to weave 5 towels from the recommended warp length, instead of 4. I wove 4 of the pictured towel on the left. The final towel, which I made longer, is on the right. I wove a border at each end of 13 horizontal star stripes and the center was woven in vertical stripes. Another warp in navy is waiting to be put on the loom and I have no idea when I'll get it on. I've been busy sewing 240 yds of 2" cotton strips together. I'm now ironing those strips. I hate to iron. And wash windows.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sugar Season

Go here! There are Funny Farm references so I'm not completely cheating. I'm too busy to blog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HYSTERICAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

Here is one of my favorite blogs re-enacting an old John Wayne movie. Please empty your bladder prior to viewing.

*edited typo

Monday, March 10, 2008

Visitors from Maryland

Dalis from Dancing Leaf Farm brought me 1.5# of lovely merino that she dyed in three different colorways. She does beautiful work! Go to her online shop and see what she has to offer. Better yet, go to Barnesville, MD and visit her shop and her sheep, dogs and chickens.

I spun up 8oz of one of the colorways. I just sat and spun singles, not giving it any thought. After the "three bags full" escapade of nasty wool, this was such a joy! Last night I began plying. It has been a long time since I've spun painted roving and forgot that I don't like barber pole yarn. I had spun it a bit too thick to Navajo ply, so I'll have 8 oz of barber pole. The other two 8oz bumps I'll spin thinner and preserve the color changes.

So, Dalis, Anne and Bev came up for a few days because it is sap season and they wanted to experience tapping, gathering and boiling. And they did! They even made maple cream. Now Bob has to start brewing sap house beer and whiskey!

I saw quite a few Red Wing Black Birds yesterday and our Blue Heron returned. That means Spring is around the corner. Now to peruse the Johnny Appleseed catalog.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Haste Makes Waste

I sleyed the reed at night. Not a good thing for these eyes apparently. This is a 32" wide/12epi warp. The header and hem seemed fine. Saw no errors. I got into the body of the piece and noticed two sections where the warp ends were close together..........I had sleyed two ends to a dent. If it had been evenly spaced, I'd call it a design element. But one error is the center and the other error about 9" from the right side. You all know what I'm doing today. Crap.

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