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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off the loom

No idea what happened to the text when I hit "edit". I had to change the title of this entry as I've gotten many span comments. I think the word -hot- generated some interesting comments that I didn't think anyone would want to read. I got tired of deleting them so I'm hoping changing the title will help.
Since these photos I've woven 8 more scarves and of course failed to take pictures before going to their recipients. You'll just have to trust me on this. I may have some in-progress pictures in the camera, I'm not certain. I'll have to check.
A friend brought over a rag rug she received 20 years ago. It was falling apart, so I took out the weft, warped the loom and now I'm reweaving it. The weft material is certainly circa '60's........whoosh! My eyes are bleeding. It was also a strange dimension so I'm adding some denim strips to hit the golden mean. I would have preferred a navy but don't have any on hand.
That's my story!

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