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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Which weft, Wanda?

No, that is not Wanda. This is Joanna. Cowboy Dave found her wet and chilled in the pasture and brought her over for Auntie Re to care for. After three days she is doing well and will return home tonight.

I thought I'd like the bronze as weft but was surprised to find the gold is the better choice.
I can't wait to get the weft and begin weaving.
If the economy would just smile upon me I could get the weft sooner than later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January on The Farm

5/2 Mercerized Valley Cotton
Bronze, Gold, Moss Green

37" in reed (74" off the loom)
32 epi (16 epi per layer)

Marie's tablecloth

I haven't decided on weft color yet. I'm leaning towards the bronze. The warp will sit until Ms. Indecisive can make up her mind.

Pigs in the cellar

Winter - View of the front pond and stream

Where is the back pond?
I just started a rug on the Union while I debate the weft for the table cloth. I'm playing with color ideas with the rug, attempting to stretch one prepared weft.
While avoiding knitting the final sleeve on my sweater I've knit about 18 pairs of socks. The handspun stash is finally thinning! Why haven't I finished the sweater? I think it will be a bit too small. I may be able to block it out or I may just have to lose weight. Blocking is easier!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

what does this say about us?

some food for 2009...........prior to the onslaught of snow and sub-zero temps, thankfully!
Misspelled gift

another gift

Bent Dent

...or a dented dent? Not good either way. This is the only 60" reed I have. Luckily it's off to the far side, but when weaving a wide piece, as this tablecloth was, it is a problem.
However, I found I could scoot the warp threads in place.
Finished piece. After a vigorous wash, dry and a heavy ironing, there is no evidence of "scooted" warp threads.

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