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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring overdrive

The table cloth has been off the loom for two weeks. I finally got it washed, hemmed and pressed. Overall I'm pleased. The center fold I'm not pleased with. Unlike wool, cotton is less forgiving. I had trouble finding a rhythm and when I did, I began to fret about the center fold. I can see I should have just woven. Where I thought the weft was too tight would have been just fine after wet finishing. Lessons learned.

At least the inconsistent tension appears to be a design element. Sort'a.

And now we know why it is recommended that there be a color change at the fold....lesson 2 learned!

The first six chicks of the season.
75 more will arrive in early June.

The seedlings are growing in the greenhouse. The garden has been enlarged to 100 x 40 and I'm waiting for the fence to go up so I can get the potatoes, peas, beans and lettuce in. However, Mr Fence Man is in the woods today cutting logs for the 2,000 mushroom plugs he just got. I ask you...priorities? The plugs can wait but my peas can't! They're vining in the greenhouse. My onions will be useless!

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