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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Musings on a winter's afternoon

My dogs on a cold winter's day, longing for..........

warmer days to come.
Me too!

It has been a long while since last I wrote. So many things have happened and things to come in the near future I'd imagine. I've been away frequently dealing with an ill Mother and eventually moving her into assisted living. It has been very hard on her and she accepted it kicking and screaming. It has not been easy or pleasant. I do hope I grow old being a kinder and gentler person. However, I thought I'd reach this age looking like Katherine Hepburn. I never looked like her to begin with, but a person can dream can't she? I just don't want to grow old being helpless and angry at those who love me and help me. In pondering my way of life, growing as old as my Mother is highly unlikely. Humph!

I finally did finish knitting one sweater during the earlier stages of the Mom Saga. The sleeves are tight which speaks to the change in gauge and state of mind. I think I may have been a wee "uptight". But it's finished, tight sleeves and large neck. It'll make a fine barn sweater. Then I started another sweater, a cardigan in alpaca. I got it started a day or two before one of my flights back out to AZ. It was going well during that particular trip until more Mother drama. It needs to be frogged back. Perhaps even ripped out all together and a fresh new start. Someday.

There are either two or three rugs finished on the loom with the final one, half way to the end. Odd verbiage, but I like that! As usual, my poor camera with fluorescent lighting does not give accurate color, but here is the latest:

So, to my minions, that is my whine. Pass the cheese, please!

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