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Friday, May 26, 2006

Ramblings of no consequence

Barn E. Cat and Pecan. It's a shame this photo doesn't show the dramatic size difference between the two. I took a picture of these two plus McGregor but when I reduced the picture they all looked like Flat Stanley. Pretty funny.

<----I need a new rug and I won't even talk about the floor! This 99% acrylic coiled rug is about 40% melted from popping embers.

<-------I should clean out the fireplace but I keep thinking we won't need any more fires and I'll clean it "then". I'm wrong. As usual.

The Walford School's third grade class was at Journey's End Farm (across the road from me) this week and I cooked lunch and dinner for three of the five days they were here. You should hear these kids sing! Quite a group. One boy came up to me yesterday and asked me what I was making for dinner. I told him and included all of the ingredients as I figured "that" was his bottom line. He said "ok" and walked about four steps away, turned and said, "I've failed to mention that I've enjoyed all of your meals and have found the food to be exceptional". Third grade? Hell, my friends don't talk that way. I luckily had the presence of mind to stiffle my laugh and thanked him instead.

I completed the purple scarf and have a gold/rust/brown scarf on the loom now. I'm also winding warp for a table cloth. Why buy one when you can weave your own at 3 xs the cost? I hope to get some more weaving in today but first I must goof off and do nothing of consequence. I want get up the hill to a friend's nursery to buy some herbs for the garden, which still is not in...but few have their gardens in yet.

We watched Four Brothers last night. I loved it, but then I'm fairly easy to entertain. We also saw the newest Longest Yard. Silly but fun. Why am I telling you this? Just because.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yes, I am shallow

...but I have sheep. Where are the rest of them I wonder? Probably in the barn avoiding the rain. It is raining, we need rain and rumor has it that we're in for a drought.

Yes, I watch American Idol. I'm bummed. Chris was voted off. I like Elliott but I doubt he is mainstream enough to win. Just "idol" ramblings.

I watch Grey's Anatomy too. So sue me. Quite a season finale. I'd go into the sexual tension thing but I'm too lazy. Nor will I discuss Izzy and Denny.

I have oodles of bits and pieces that I've accumulated over the years. I have no idea what this will be. Perhaps a scarf. I'm simply using up odd lots. I like to at least *look* busy.

I bought 40#s of loopers. Lesson learned: ask about the fiber content. It is a mixed batch which I sorted through. The house looked like a lint factory. Lesson #2: throw loopers in the dryer, stick around and empty out the filter every 2 minutes. There is a fair amount of cotton loopers but I fear the rest are of some synthetic mixture. I'll need to order some disperse dye so I can get some color goin' on.

The rug loom is ready but I'm not. I need to order more rug warp. I have some 8/4 but I don't want to run short. I have a fair amount of rug wool but I think I'll practice on cotton first. I've read over 9,000 messages/posts on Rug Talk. Even took notes. Actually a lot of cut 'n paste. I really wish they'd talk more about wool rugs. Wool rugs on a 2 shaft loom. I don't seem to post to lists often any longer. I fear being mentioned on KnitFlame. Not really, but the thought has crossed my mind.

I think I'll end these ramblings on this rainy Tuesday.

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