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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Productive Week

I knit a Lopi sweater this week. My last blog entry noted that I prefer texture in knitting, and I do...but! I had this in my stash and figured I'd better do something with it. It has been a few years since I've knit a Lopi sweater and had forgotten how heavy it is and how it affects the length. I opted for the XS length and still ended up with a sweater almost 3" longer than my preference. The main color is more of a navy, but this shot shows the detail better than the other picture.
I cut 4.5#s of fabric. Here it is. Sure doesn't look like that much to me! This will be for placemats, I'm hoping a dozen, and maybe a runner as well. The rug loom is beamed but not threaded or sleyed.
The blanket is ready to be beamed. I'll do that tomorrow. It's the only part of weaving I don't like. If I had more room I think, no, I know it would be less of a hassle.
...........and that has been my week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ruminating on Uniqueness

Before I die I want to create something that is unique to me. At this point all I can think of is a dead fly collage with a few finch feathers and some bird feed thrown in. Can you tell what I just finished doing?

I love Sara's work and her never-ending creativity. Bonnie's work is always inspiring, whether it's using re-cycled sweaters or putting together a quilt made from sample weaving. I copy what I like, and when copying, one cannot help but put her own unique fingerprint on the piece. However, the inspiration came from another ,via plagiarism (broad stroke use of the term)or some type of infringement. I've learned a lot by doing this, but I'd like to do something unique, even if it's "unvented". I'm not a terribly intuitive person, especially when knitting. I feel more comfortable with weaving. Perhaps because it's flat and I don't have to worry about whether to short row or just decrease and if choosing one, what the ultimate outcome will be. I like texture in knitting and color in weaving. So I've narrowed down what I like. But to do something unique. Something that stands out in a crowd of fiber fanatics, in a positive way. Not an "oh my gawd, what was she ever thinking" way. There is that satisfied feeling when pleasing oneself, but better when it's recognized by one's peers. I'm aware that this is looking for outside affirmation, and so be it. I'm hoping to have a vision, a dream of what this will be. Mushrooms, anyone?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Union Custom Loom

This Union Custom Loom has seen better days, uh, and nights. The shuttle tray has serious water damage, missing the bottom and needs to be rebuilt. The crank is missing as are the treadles. The second shaft rubs against the warp beam, which by the way, has a brake at each end. I'm thinking that simply squaring the loom will rectify the problem. She needs major work. It was a "free to a good home" loom. She was a beauty in her day though. If only I could find a four shaft Union.

I finished the sweater last night during the Sox-Indian game. Sorry the photo is so dark, but it's the best one of the three I took.

Warp and weft drying. This is the wool I just dyed in navy/black. The center skeins will be the weft and didn't dye as evenly as the warp and has some interesting color variation that I actually like.

Some of the flock just hangin'

Big enough to eat!

Friday, October 12, 2007

1-2-3 WEAVE

The Union is warped for placemats and some strips will be cut into smaller 1/2" strips for placemats. The denim may become a rug or more placemats. I have a table full of jeans waiting to be cut .
The Harrisville needs to be warped, but I decided to wind warp and weft for a blanket instead. I had some 4/8 wool in my stash that is perfect for a toasty blanket. I decided on a sett of 10, plain weave, probably warp face. Tied a bunch of bouts for ikat. So, I went to the dye shelf. I'm going to dye me some black, thought I. Nope, not enough if using 4% DOS, so I mixed 4% navy and black. So, whatever it dyes is what it will be. I love it when I'm profound! The weft is soaking and will see a dye pot tomorrow since I'm using my dye pots for the warp. Hmmm, maybe I'll fire up the roaster!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


We now have 11 ducks. One, Woody, won't stay in the duck yard and is currently residing under the van. Last night he wanted to join the layers in their house. They were not pleased and put up quite a fuss. He went back under the van. I hope I can herd him back down the hill to the duck yard. Our two ducks have been trained to a whistle and now I must try and train the other 9. I can't until we have a proper duck house. Just going out and whistling to them won't do a darned thing. Two of the new ducks have discovered the wee duck pond, though they're staying in the shallow end.
The cotton blanket is off the loom. Now I need to decide how I will put the panels together. It's much easier with wool, in that the seam is more forgiving and has the tendency, usually, to disappear after lightly fulling. Joining panels has been a topic recently on one of the weaving lists. I may try the crochet method; sc1 on one side, sc1 on the other side. I think I can handle that. I suppose the trick will be deciding what size hook to use. I have a fair amount of small, steel hooks around, so hopefully one of them will be appropriate for the job.
Next on the loom will be chenille, for someone else. I think the warp is 15 yards. All plain weave. I'll need to get a "talking book" so I can plow through this.
One of my sons wants a blanket so I'm playing the design game in my head. We'll see what I come up with. I rather like the recent blanket Bonnie wove, well, is actually still weaving. I like her ikat panels and think that Patrick would like something very similar. The men in my family think wild and crazy colors are shades of gray. My Father, on the other hand, loved wild and crazy colors and frequently reminded me of a walking color wheel after he retired. I suppose this change in him was 32 years wearing Army uniforms and moving to Sun City, AZ. It didn't help that he was color blind. And his colors were often blinding.
I've continued knitting the pullover, knowing that winter will arrive at some point. I'm loving the weather lately. I can still wear shorts and light weight t-shirts and not get bundled up to do chores. But soon it'll be freezing out and the different flocks will need the water carried out to them. Not fun.
I am anxious to dye something while the weather is still warm. Perhaps I'll wind some warp for Patrick's blanket. It's more interesting than what is on today's "to do" shovel sh*t.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's mate is missing. The dogs deny being part of this kidnapping. They've never slipper or shoe-napped before, so I tend to believe my dogs. I've searched under and behind every piece of furniture. Please help. Below is a profile for further identification.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Howetown Fall Harvest Show

Smokin' Bacon

Bob spent the weekend smoking his hard cheese and various cuts of our pork. He fed the crowds well. Meanwhile, Herself was up in the small house weaving and starving!

Bob's Smokehouse

I think it looks like an outhouse. The wood burning stove is behind the house at the end of the dirt pile covering the pipe. Honest, no body is buried there.

Galvanized Tub

Cook stove to warm your thighs

Front Porch Laundromat

Union Special

please tilt your head to the right.

yup, more work to be done on this puppy. Winter's work. 'Nuff said!

My corner of the world this weekend.
Hungry Me.

Canadian Production Wheel

It will be spinning next year. I promise you!

Does anyone know why the pictures are so far apart in the preview area? I have no idea what this will look like published. I want the pictures to stay put!

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