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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sheep, Birds, Cats, Dogs minus one

One dog will pout...........he missed his photo op!

Will I die dyeing?

Painting warp
A young friend of mine will be leaving the valley for the College of the Atlantic in the fall. It's in Bar Harbor, ME, and I think he'll need a warm blanket. The two of us put our heads together and came up with some colors that he likes. I spent four days with the warp and I'm on day 2 dyeing the weft.

Painted warp
About 1/3 of the weft
I wound 3 pounds of wool into skeins. Once they were all laid out I could see that some of the wool was snow white and a little less than half had a pink undertone. Whoosh! I then had to rethink how to dye the weft. My calculations tell me that I'll need a bit more than what I have in either white shade. I'm dyeing up three different shades going from a red-brown to a yellow-gold. All skeins were tied with resists then dyed. The resists will be removed and the skeins over-dyed tomorrow. We'll see what kind of mess I can get into this time!

Friday, June 08, 2007


six day old chicks
their Godfather

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Log Cabin Rug

The Union is now threaded in log cabin. I'm using three different colors, all in "earthy" tones. The strips were sewn together because I'm not crazy about placing individual pieces in the shed. I like to make certain no little fabric bits are poking out.
I'm anxious to see this on the floor and see what design has been accidentally created.
Box 'o rags

Monday, June 04, 2007

Home made cheese press. My first hard cheese. It's aging in the basement now and we'll see, in 3 months, how good I'm at this. We're "in" milk now, lots and lots of milk. I'm pretty tired of soft cheese but can't let the milk go to the pigs all of the time. I suppose I should make more hard cheese (just in case it does turn out well), but it takes the entire day just to get it to the press. There are other things I'd rather do.

The German Flag Rug, or so I thought. The first two photos are of the denim runner that I needed in the Old Kitchen, now laundry room/dye room/milk house. I'm very pleased with this rug! I think it's 96" long, sett 12, strips cut 1" wide, beaten into oblivion.

This is the rug that I had spent so much time sewing the strips together to create a pattern in the weft. While winding the strips onto the rag shuttle I noticed that one of the reds was rubbing off. I took a sample to the sink and stuck it under water..........uh oh! All the fabric had been washed and dried months ago and I didn't pick up on this one red. I cut it all out and just randomly sewed the strips back together. I really, really like this rug.

I re-thread for a log cabin rug. Stay tuned.

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