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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Which way does the wind blow

After re-tying the loom I decided to use yellow for the weft instead of the red. It was a gloomy day yesterday and I needed "sun representation". I liked the change. Yesterday. Today I see that I really prefer the red. Comparison to the left. The yellow stays. I'm tired of unweaving. I doubt I'll have enough yardage for a table cloth now so I may just play with different colors. We'll see. Indecisive is moi

Drew Barrymore, McGregor, BarnE and me. Pecan is probably on the chair with me. I love the way dogs must reposition a rug prior to napping and note how BarnE blends with Greg's fur.
A chilly night in the Pocono's.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Suicide among weavers

I wonder if there is a statistic of suicidal weavers, specifically weavers who find THIS after weaving about 1 yard. How did I not see this after beaming? What you see in this picture is
not the solution, for sure.

Alas, after a few stiff drinks and a long imploring prayer, I wound the warp to the cloth beam and back to the back beam.

This hopes to become a tablecloth. The colors are an orange/red, yellow and deep green with a blue base. It will be a tablecloth at some point. The sett is 18 at 24" wide, four panels to be sewn together (ick!) .

...and, I'm carving spoons. I've only carved one other spoon, about 3 years ago. It's resting on the mallet. In the middle is a piece of maple (I think) with two spoons "in progress". I'm in Birthday Month and have requested some new tools as gifts. We'll see if the Evil Spawns respond to the request.

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