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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Down To The Wire

another pair of Fetching fingerless mittens on top of one of the scarves (queen's cord) I wove. Shows both sides. Clever?
My daily fuzzy photo. This is a chunky cable scarf half done. I hope I can finish it today so it can be washed and dried before Christmas day. Wager anyone>
Both scarves. Bob thinks they're terrific, which is interesting since he notices little . I'm somewhat pleased. I see some beating inconsistencies which infuriates me because I took care attempting to beat the same each throw.

There is a third scarf that will not become a scarf but small coin purses or (eye)glass cases. As easy as the treadling was, my right foot always wanted to dance to a different song than what was written. There are three places that I failed to catch my little foot breaking into a cha cha cha. Yeah, I could fix it but I'm not gonna!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm a Flippin' Idiot

There are a few more pair of mittens I need to knit and the above colors wasn't in my stash. I pulled out two skeins of Lopi Lite, soaked and dyed the skeins. I was very careful to put them into the dye pot at the same time so that the strike would occur at the same time for both skeins. I went back to the loom room and finished weaving the second scarf. I checked the dye pot after an hour and saw the discrepancy in color! I was fuming because I couldn't figure out how this happened. I decided I'd blog about it and call this entry "I'm No Dye Virgin". Well, the joke, as usual is on me. Once I rinsed, well actually during the rinsing I noticed one skein is 1 ply and the other is plied! What? These were purchased at the same time, kept in the same bag, lo these many years. I pulled the tags out of the trash. Here is what I found :
The third scarf begun, again Queens Cord. Yes, Carleen! I'm using different tie ups and treadling for each one. The warp is black rayon and the weft is a deep lavender, though you certainly can't tell. I carried around a bobbin of the perle cotton along with the camera. I guess because we're having a temporary blizzard I'm unable to get a shot of the correct color. Or could it be the Gama waves?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It'a Not Fun Anymore

Stash Reduction Fingerless Mittens: Top of The Lamb sport wt. doubled. One down, one to go.
The second scarf on the loom. Queens Cord VII. Warp rayon 20epi Weft 5/2 perle lavender

Monday, December 17, 2007

one less hurdle

Fetching mittens washed. I may try steaming the picot cuff so it is more defined. If I remember! Ira's rug made from Pendelton selveges. Nice and fluffy.
Denim rug for the kitchen to keep my feet warm while I cook. It's about 70" long.

Two commissioned runners from denim. Hemmed and ready to go. I'm glad that's over.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winding down

Fingerless mittens: "Fetching" by knitty needle size US3 yarn Scottish Heather by She Who Must Not Be Named
The end of the warp, praise to the goddesses! Mug rugs (5) + 2 runners and 2 rugs

Now I can get back to the other loom and weave up the scarves.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Moving right along

Men's sized fingerless glove, "Dashing" from Knitty. Another Christmas gift crossed off the list.
Pendlelton selvege rug. The sett is close so the rug doesn't appear shaggy...yet! Another gift.
I've been cutting strips from zillions of old jeans. What to do with those wee bits that are left over?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Projects completed and in progress

The fingerless gloves are done! Washed and kind of blocked. They're ready to be boxed up.
Rug one of two is complete. Two commission pieces: 34 x 60. Sett 12 denim cut 1" wide Hem woven 3" at each end.
Queen's Cord by M. Davison: photo of the underside. Sett 20 black rayon Weft is a gray-ish green wool. Oh, it's a scarf!
The right side with my ratty looking measuring devise.
Bob's second pair of socks will be finished tonight. I forgot to carry the "clock" down into the foot as I did on the first pair. I could drop back and turn the knits to purls, but I won't. He won't care and probably will never notice.
I've joined Ravelry and it's a giant black hole in regards to my time. Yesterday I got the first of the two rugs woven. Today? Woven in the first hem for the second rug and have uploaded some photos to Ravelry and read other member's profiles and lists of projects. I must pull back and read Ravelry less frequently and save it for after the holidays.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hell Freezes Over

My typical blurry photo. I was feeling rather blurry eyed by the time I took this. Matches my brain.
I once said I'd never, ever knit gloves. Okay, these are called fingerless gloves, but there are fingers, albeit half fingers. One down, one to go. I found about 6 colors of Heilo in the stash and decided to knit a more interesting glove, using up the remnants. These are a gift for a friend that mentioned a few years ago she needed some fingerless gloves. She wasn't hinting that I knit or buy them for her, it was just a passing comment. I had other Christmas gift ideas for her, but the Christmas budget (ha!) wouldn't allow for either. Google, being my friend, found this pattern. This took three evenings of tv knitting. The first night was spent knitting 8 half fingers and figuring out the placement. The instructions are very clear. My mind isn't. I joined them that first night. The second night I got up to the ribbing. Last night I completed the glove. Now it's time for the dreaded second glove. Why is the first always fun and the second such a drag? Rhetorical question.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Look what I just found on my back porch. After posing for several photos, Bob escorted him out into the cold, snowy environs.

Felted Knit Cat Bed

Completed cat bed or basket. The diameter prior to felting was 27". I put it through two wash cycles and one rinse. The final diameter is 13". I've made similar cat beds and felted them down to 17" which I feel is too big. My cats are large but prefer very small, cuddly nests. Of course, this is not for my cats but for my sons 15 cats. They'll have to share. In his defense, his wife is a vet and brings home her work sometimes. They have cat doors so the cats are in and out. And, their house is huge. End of disclaimer.
The sides were too high. Again, my personal preference is for lower sides. I folded the top edge down and discovered this stabilized outer perimeter. The rim height, after folding is 3.25".
The mice wanted to try out the bed. One more gift complete! Their boa, Scout, will get a personal note from me that she is not allowed to eat the mice.

Pattern is from wendyknits.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Last blanket ready to be sent

The blanket is slightly fulled and hard pressed. It's ready to be wrapped and sent to my oldest son for Giftmas. All three sons get blankets this year. I may weave one for my daughter next year.
I find this so interesting. Before (L) and after (R). What a dramatic change.

Measurements: (54" x 75") finished 44" x 68"

I finished knitting a cat bed and it's in the washer, hopefully felting/fulling sufficiently. Pictures eventually..........oh, and Sara and Bev? I will include the pattern!

Mice Patterns

My favorite pattern, "Catnip Mouse Toy", I got back in 1995 from the knitlist. It was designed by Esther Bozak and Robert Matthews.
Another very quick knit is made from Fun Fur. I have no idea where this fun fur came from, since I'm not a fun fur kinda gal, but I had some in gray. Perfect color. The pattern is from Lion Brand free knitting paterns. It called, ready? Fun Fur Catnip Mouse.
The third pattern has great shaping but I have no idea which site I copied the pattern from. Well, a simple google found it. It's called "Mmmmm...Catnip!"

Monday, December 03, 2007

6 Blind Mice

Six mice, not only without eyes, but no ears or mouths. These are cat gifts for Christmas, so I felt it best not to give them bits to choke on. I'm nothing, if not politically correct.

Another double weave blanket off the loom. The ends have been hem-stitched and now I must twist the fringe. Boooooooooooring. Then wash and hard press.

There was enough warp left to weave a much smaller blanket...if it's turned 90 degrees and hemmed ?

Blurry boot socks for Himself. He needed another pair of socks that he can wear with thinner wool socks during the coldest months. Here they are hanging/hiding in the closet, drying.

More socks, in progress, for Himself.

Lots to do........must scurry along.

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